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  • adj. Of or pertaining to homeosis.


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From homeosis +‎ -otic.


  • Testifying to the same story, there are mutant fruit flies, so-called homeotic mutants, whose embryology is abnormal and who grow not halteres but a second pair of wings, like a bee or any other kind of insect.


  • The Greek word homeosis was used to describe this type of malformations and the mutations were referred to as homeotic mutations.

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  • The 4-winged homeotic mutants have changed the Hox mutation so that they atavistically recover the ancestral 4-winged insect condition, and never develop halteres.

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  • And second, it appears that not only that particular homeotic genes have been highly conserved between distantly related organisms, but that they tend to come in complexes which have themselves been structurally conserved throughout evolution, thus once more testifying to genomic higher order-structures.


  • The segment of the genes that coded for the sixty-amino-acid region of a homeotic protein is called the “homeobox.”

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  • In subsequent years homeotic proteins, and other classes of control proteins, have proven to be master regulators of developmental programs in animals.

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  • One of the first homeotic fruit fly genes sequenced, in fact, coded for a protein that resembled the bacterial repressor protein that Jacob and Monod studied in the 1960s2

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  • DNA and domain swapping of fitting and binding of flagellum and folded shape of functions of helper homeotic hydrophobic interactions of

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