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  • But her clothes never fit very well, and my knees showed, along with all the scabs I picked up climbing trees and riding droub-avits, and the fabric was too thin to be comfortable when all we had to heat the mansion was storm-wrack from the homewood.


  • Now didn't this happen some years back at the Buttermilk falls area off rt 18 in homewood? and as I recall the county (union) bitched about the volunteers doing union work?

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  • (To the Moody folks, not the singing children) [Comment From Kari] however, there were long rectangular tables in homewood.

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  • I woudl invite you to spend a night or two sleeping in our front-facing bedroom with the windows open. i suspect that you too woudl soon find yourself on the street demanding that the city take action to erradicate prostitution form homewood and Maitland.

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  • Paul: no one in that group has assualted anyone - and you should by all means, if you support the sex-trade workers being on homewood and maitland, you should indeed demonsrate for what you believe if you support this activity there - it is your right.

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  • So why not stop arguing and find a suitable place where they are welcome? and if you can't find a place where they would be welcome, just WHY do you suppose that is?? try to figure that out and one might come to the conclusion the residents on homewood and maitland are reacting in a way any group of residents would.

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  • Now i am not saying that members of The Homewood-Maitland Safety Association have violently beaten any trans women in a transbashing i dont know that either way but i will say that local residents over the years on that street have beaten trans women severely in an attempt to drive them out and there are a number of transwomen that have been killed by those that were offended by their presence and if it is fair to lump all the trans sex workers together and say that they ALL have to go because of the actions of the few disrespectfull ones, then is it not also fair to lump all the people that have made actions to drive out the trans women together? so you should really think about where you stand on this issue because for every queer person on homewood that wishes the trans sex workers gone i can point to one hundred straight people that would like all L / G / B / T people gone entirely so who get's to set the standard's?

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