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  • adv. In a homiletic fashion.


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homiletic +‎ -ally


  • New Liturgical Movement: For the homiletically challenged skip to main | skip to sidebar

    For the homiletically challenged

  • The midrash homiletically explained that the moon came and complained to the Almighty about having to share the sky to which He responded, "OK, then go make yourself small."

    Rabbi Adam Jacobs: How The Torah Is Pro-Women

  • In the Pentateuch, the discourses are based on a selection of versicles and topics from the weekly portion treated in an exegetical and at times homiletically inclined manner, drawing from numerous sources, primarily the Midrash (especially Bereshit Rabbah) and the Talmud, Rashi and his interpreters and many other exegetes, with R. Bahya ben Asher ibn Hlava (Spain, thirteenth century) in the lead.

    Ze'enah U-Re'enah.

  • If such topics are employed homiletically, they should be used with utmost care and strategy, mindful of the way they change both the tone of the sermon and the relationship between congregation and preacher.

    Strictly Entre Nous

  • Does some significant level of academic expertise in one area of the black experience in America really qualify a nonblack man to comment knowingly, almost homiletically on all the rest?

    An Exchange on

  • How could the ranking prelate of the Church of England and the 77-million Anglican Communion have so grossly misused the pulpit in homiletically disfiguring a memorial service for 179 men who lost their lives in the service to their country? hosts a daily talk show for WCBM in Baltimore.


  • The language of the posuk can perhaps be understood homiletically to teach another lesson.



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