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  • n. Plural form of hominid.


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  • Aren't the secondary worlds of fantasy simply alternative realities where the archaeological distinction of gracile and robust hominids translates to elves and dwarves as distinct races?

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  • So Gunther et al. (1992) titled a paper 'Can prosimian-like leaping be considered a preadaptation to bipedal walking in hominids'.

    Literally, flying lemurs (and not dermopterans)

  • Can prosimian-like leaping be considered a preadaptation to bipedal walking in hominids?

    Literally, flying lemurs (and not dermopterans)

  • Virtual Pebble (A Proud Supporter of Nuclear Options) says: drhunt1 and lux are proof positive that there has been no evolution, but definite devolution, in hominids.

    Think Progress » Poll: Large Number Of Texans Doubt The Theory Of Evolution, Believe In Human-Dinosaur Coexistence

  • The fossil evidence strongly suggests that long before God created Adam and Eve, he created a number of other humanlike animals that, as we have said, have been classified as hominids.

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  • The idea of shelters or home sites at this early stage—nearly 2 million years ago—has fallen out of favor, although the idea of hominids gathering together at certain sites for some activity has not.

    Ancestral Passions

  • All hominins are themselves part of a larger group known as hominids that includes all the great apes such as chimpanzees and gorillas.

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  • Falk compared a cast of the cranium's inner surface, or endocast, obtained from the partial hobbit skeleton LB1 to endocasts from both modern humans and from other fossil skulls in the human evolutionary family, called hominids for short. News Feed

  • This date is significant, as genetic evidence suggests our branch of the primate family tree - often known as the hominids - appeared roughly 4 million years ago after diverging from the last common ancestor we shared with chimps.

  • In our discussion, I had reiterated to him what I had explicitly stated on one of my slides, that the human fossils to which I referred included the several hundred known Neandertal and Homo erectus fossils themselves 'hominids'.

    Bell's Response - The Panda's Thumb


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