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  • n. A dimer derived from two identical monomers


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homo- +‎ dimer


  • The authors provided consistent evidence that the PORE region of SPP1 is a target for the homodimer of

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  • IL-10 is an acid-sensitive, noncovalent homodimer of two interpenetrating polypeptide chain. Notable Patent Applications - 07/22/2010

  • GLB-1* displays the classical three-over-three alfa helical sandwich of vertebrate globins, assembled in a homodimer associated through facing E - and F-helices.

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  • Conduct additional studies in both metastatic and adjuvant breast cancer using an expanded menu of VeraTag assays (which may include: HER2 total protein and homodimer, HER1 total protein and homodimer, HER3 total protein, HER1: 2 and HER2: 3 heterodimers, HER3-PI3K, and p95) to investigate why patients fail targeted therapies, and thus to understand how targeted inhibitors of the EGFR-family of receptors might be combined for better patient outcomes. Featured News and Stories

  • Incorporate into HERmark, to supplement the current measurements of HER2 total protein and HER2: HER2 homodimer levels, at least one additional marker of potential resistance to HER2 antagonists such as trastuzumab. Featured News and Stories

  • HERmark provides accurate and quantitative measurements of HER2 total protein levels and HER2: HER2 homodimer levels. Featured News and Stories

  • Analysis of HER2 status by HERmark in approximately 900 patient samples from the FINHER study of Herceptin in the adjuvant setting to assess the relationship of HER2 protein and HER2: HER2 homodimer measurements with clinical outcomes. Featured News and Stories

  • At San Antonio, in an oral presentation, entitled "HER2 Protein expression and homodimer levels predict response to trastuzumab in centrally tested FISH-positive metastatic breast cancer patients," Allan Lipton M.D., Featured News and Stories

  • Professor of Medicine & Oncology at Hershey Medical Center / Penn State University reported on a study (the "Lipton Study") that assessed HERmark as a means to measure HER2 total protein and homodimer levels and to predict the response to treatment with Herceptin® (trastuzumab) in patients with metastatic breast cancer. Featured News and Stories

  • Initially, an FA binds with high affinity to one COX site of an unoccupied homodimer.

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