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  • n. Plural form of homogeneity.


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  • In contrast to those who described societies by evoking what he called their homogeneities and hegemonies ” what unified and controlled them ” Certeau wanted to identify the creative and disruptive presence of "the other" ” the outsider, the stranger, the alien, the subversive, the radically different ” in systems of power and thought.

    The Quest of Michel de Certeau

  • Then I went to look at what happens when the GHCN removes the “in-homogeneities” to “adjust” the data.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Some of the “Homogenized” Temperature Data is False

  • It had substantial discontinuities in the station record and I have no idea how one could plausibly adjust for homogeneities in this station.

    Notes on GISS Station Data « Climate Audit

  • Given the lack of precision, the non-homogeneities, the countless other statistical issues, with a modest amount of work one could likely show conclusively that it is not possible to say anything meaningful about temperature changes of a few tenths of a degree.

    Phil Jones and the Dutiful Comrades « Climate Audit

  • 1998; Jones & Moberg 2003, implying the presence of spatial non-homogeneities in temperature climate.

    Climate Audit

  • I’ve tried to collect information on bristlecones of any sort to see whether there were any non-homogeneities in the 19th/20th century.

    Another Bristlecone/Foxtail Site: Timber Gap CA « Climate Audit

  • • "robust assessment of uncertainties associated with observational error, temporal and geographical in homogeneities." click for executive summary

    Jay Currie

  • (ii) Effect of in homogeneities and discontinuities: The inhomogeneities and discontinuities like cracks, inclusions, voids, etc. in conducting materials also effect the circular pattern of eddy current and its associated magnetic field, fig. below illustrates the effect of inhomogeneities/discontinuities on distribution of eddy current. (iii) Effect of magnetic coupling: - Magnetic coupling refers to the interaction of varying magnetic field of the test coil with the test object.

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  • FACTORS AFFECTING EDDY CURRENT (5) The magnitude and distribution of eddy current in a given conductor is influenced by conductivity of the material, the magnitude of primary magnetic field of the coil, Permeability of the conductor, Geometrical variations of the part, In homogeneities and discontinuities, Test frequency and Skin effect.

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