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  • adj. exhibiting homoiconicity


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  • Enjoy the power and expressiveness of homoiconic languages.

    Reflective Surface - Archives: 2009 August

  • You will never really understand the power and expressiveness of homoiconic languages until you have spent forty years straight debugging some heisenbug.

    Reflective Surface - Archives: 2009 August

  • You non-homoiconic code is elegant, but not that elegant.

    Reflective Surface - Archives: 2009 August

  • Because Lisp is homoiconic we treat code exactly like data in that (. getRed obj) is nothing more than a list whos first item is. getRed and the second is obj.

    OdeToCode - The Best Links

  • The consistent homoiconic syntax makes it easier for both programmers and programs to understand and manipulate the code.

    Latest headlines from JavaWorld

  • I think I really totally understand the value of being homoiconic, and the awesome power of macros, and the notion of the reader.

    Planet Sun

  • In other words, the program is spending most of its time using Java's regex machinery to grind away at all that text input; which is I think what you'd like to see. crowing exultantly on Twitter, feeling like a rockin 'sockin' functional-programming 'concurrin' homoiconic wizard.

    Planet XML

  • So no, it is not circular and it is still homoiconic too.

    Planet TW

  • CHROME, being a homoiconic language not to be confused with a homo icon, though, actually uses IRON as its syntax; CHROME programmers will write in the IRON textual notation.

    Snell-Pym » Designing a general data model

  • But trust me, twenty years from now, you’ll look back at all the code you have written and wish you had used a homoiconic language.

    Reflective Surface - Use dynamic languages


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