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  • n. Alternative form of homeosis.


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  • The corresponding retrospective category, justice, shows conformation to have been as anthropocentric undertaking since the Greeks. such notions as homoiosis, adaequatio, 'justice' have had the effect of committing lethein and concealment to oblivion and of restricting unconcealment to a human comportment: assimilation to the Good, assertion of correct judgements, and finally done to chaos.


  • Erler, Michael, 2001, “Epicurus as deus mortalis: homoiosis theôi and Epicurean Self-Cultivation,” in Dorothea Frede and André Laks (eds.), Traditions of Theology: Studies in Hellenistic Theology; Its Background and Aftermath, Leiden:


  • Septuagint, homoiosis, connoted the dynamic process of becoming like God, or Platonic “assimilation.”

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • The body is our tomb (soma, sema); we must strip ourselves of the leaden weights, the earthy incrustations of life: the true life is an exercise in death, a homoiosis to theo, as far as may be; like the swans we sing when dying, "going away to God", whose servants we are; "death dawns", and we owe sacrifice to the

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • “knowing” God in one's self, by assimilation, man becomes like God, theopoiesis or theosis, moving from homoiosis or praxis of virtue and purification to theoria or gnosis in an infinite mystical progression.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • 'Divine Love demut "and Gk." ikon-homoiosis "in the In-space The spatial regions just on the other m a n y w o r l d s of intelligence a n d, in from t h e Elohistic G a r m e n t of Life biblical scriptures.)

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