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  • n. A receptacle of various kinds, made of wax or other substance, and often of considerable size, in which many species of wild bees store their honey.


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  • Despite the complete lack of statistical evidence that the billion dollar honey-pot for the oil industry produces any noticeable increase in oil production, the flow of money continues to this day.

    Alternative Energy and Rent-Seeking, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • They struggled and squabbled and ran hither and thither like ants about a honey-pot.

    Mexico's Army and Ours

  • More things to experiment with: pumpkin and spinach powders (shown here in small honey-pot jars); tomato and coconut powders in 1. 5-ounce resealable bags; habanero, blueberry and sweet onion sugars, and one of those lidded salt cellars that Alton Brown's always snapping shut on "Good Eats."

    Shopping: Tea, spice, nice

  • The martial tournaments he describes, where soldier ants from rival colonies parade in front of one another and push each other to assess each other's strengths, are based on honey-pot ant behavior, he says.

    'The Iliad'—With Ants?

  • When pressed, he offers a qualification: the ants are a "compound" character based on four different species — fire ants, harvesting ants, honey-pot ants and spiny tree ants.

    'The Iliad'—With Ants?

  • (Denise was so beautiful that men flocked round her like bees round a honey-pot, but hey, that's another story.)

    Meeting Oshun

  • Lutestring; there was Mr. Draper, your precious lawyer; there was actually Mr. Tubbs, of Bethesda Chapel; and they must all come buzzing like flies round the honey-pot.

    The Virginians

  • Sortof the "honey-pot" theory espoused by someone about 3 1/2 years on the Command Post.

    Oh, why don't you just admit it?

  • But Dickie Sludge, equally deaf to the voice of maternal tenderness and of magisterial authority, skipped on unconsciously before Tressilian, only observing that “if they cried themselves hoarse, they might go lick the honey-pot, for he had eaten up all the honey-comb himself on yesterday even.”


  • Well, let them all come — round her past, like bees round a honey-pot!

    The Silver Spoon


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