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  • n. Plural form of honeybee.


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  • The problem with honeybees is that we've domesticated them because we've wiped out their normal habitats for farmland.

    Bees In My Easter Bonnet

  • Bumble bees aren't as well-known as honeybees, but they're important pollinators as well, especially for tomatoes and berries. Top Stories

  • Sakamoto, one of the authors of the study, added: "So we concluded that carbon dioxide produced inside the bee ball by the honeybees is a major factor, together with temperature, involved in the bees 'defence." ut it was yet to be determined if the bees were "gassing" the hornets, or simply depriving them of oxygen.

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  • Food Safety: There is the possibility that modifying the genetic composition of food-making insects such as honeybees could alter the composition of the honey they produce, potentially creating a food safety concern at one level and a human health hazard at another.

    DK Matai: Genetically Modified Insects: What Next?

  • But we are clearly NOT like eusocial species such as honeybees or ants.

    Bad Dog: Morals, Pavlov, and Two Lists

  • Leading the calls for neonicotinoids to be banned in the Britain is Buglife, the invertebrate conservation charity, which last year published a review of all the research done on the chemicals' impact on "non-target" insects such as honeybees and other pollinators.

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  • Mr. Bloom, also author of "The Lucifer Principle" and "Global Brain," examines the lives of other social species, such as honeybees, and finds a similar and instructive pattern.

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  • Insecticide use cannot be easily advised because beneficial insects such as honeybees and butterflies will also be killed. Headlines

  • For beneficial insects, such as honeybees, studying the genetic traits that help them adapt may provide keys to ensuring their survival, the researchers said.

    Penn State Live

  • CARBONDALE, IL-Insects such as honeybees and bumble bees are predictable in the way they move among flowers, typically moving directly from one flower to an adjacent cluster of flowers in the same row of plants.

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