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  • n. Plural form of honeycreeper.


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  • The Hawaiian Islands, in particular, have given rise to some spectacular excesses of speciation and radiation—among flowering plants, land snails, insects, and that group of birds known as the honeycreepers.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • Lower Hawaiian dry forest was habitat for several forest birds, such as honeycreepers, fly catchers, flightless rails, other flightless birds (now extinct), and the Hawaiian owl (Asio flammeus sandwicensis).

    Hawaii tropical dry forests

  • Other endemic species include Hawaiian thrush (omao) Phaeornis obscurus; and the following honeycreepers, apapane Himatione sanguinea, elepaio Chasiempis sandwichensis, amakihi Hemignathus virens and iiwi Vestiaria coccinea.

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, United States

  • Species formally listed in the US as threatened include Hawaiian goose (nene) Branta sandvicensis, a terrestrial non-migratory goose; honeycreepers, namely akepa Loxops coccineus (R), akiapola'au Hemignathus wilsoni (E), and Hawaiian creeper Oreomystis mana; and Hawaiian petrel Pterodroma sandwichensis (E).

    Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, United States

  • Rodent diversification in the Philippines is comparable with the radiation of honeycreepers in the Hawaiian Islands and finches in the Galapagos.

    Biological diversity in the Philippines

  • Many of the honeycreepers, an endemic group of birds that displays many specialized adaptations to different food and plant resources, were found in mesic and wet forests.

    Hawaii tropical moist forests

  • This ecoregion was the center for adaptive radiation in honeycreepers, many plant species, Hawaiian Drosophila, and other invertebrates.

    Hawaii tropical moist forests

  • The term "honeycreeper" was originally associated with two groups of birds, once thought to be related: the Hawaiian Honeycreepers (Drepanidinae) and the Neotropical honeycreepers (Coerebidae). BANANAQUIT.

  • Thje Hawaiian honeycreepers are now known to be highly modified descendants of cardueline finches, and are now included as a subfamily of the Finch family Fringillidae. BANANAQUIT.

  • Hawaii has its honeycreepers, a whole group of bizarre birds seen nowhere else.

    The Song of The Dodo


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