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  • n. Plural form of honky.
  • n. Plural form of honkie.


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  • After being discriminated against by equal opportunity, which was unequal, being told that no, they can't form Future Irish Business Men's clubs at school because they are racist when any non-white group can form an exclusive non-white club, and forced to be understanding when called honkies and crackers, the white man is being forced to respond.

    Wake Up Time for the "Stupid White Man"

  • The Northern Wairoa War Memorial Hall in Dargaville is packed with a crowd of about 400 aunties, cuzzies and bros plus some blue-rinse nanas, the local mayor and other "honkies".

    New Zealand Herald - Top Stories

  • Dohrn also charged that her fellow left-wingers showed themselves to be scared "honkies" for not burning down Chicago when Black Panther leader Fred Hampton was killed, and urged her audience to arm themselves and be "a fighting force alongside the blacks". [ News

  • Then, we can organize lynchings of honkies too, and gang rape their wives and steal all their possessions.

    Wonk Room » Making Paris Hilton Pay Her Share For Health Care Reform

  • “The black man done been wronged and I been wronged more than most,” Jermaine says, and rambles on about honkies and how the white man controls everything.

    Miracles, Inc.

  • Jermaine is racist, always talking about how the white man done him wrong, and how his brothers will rise up one day and take over this prison and “Where you honkies gonna be when that happens?”

    Miracles, Inc.

  • Elephant ears (aka honkies) can be found on dead willow limbs in the fall.

    Where is the best place to find mushrooms?

  • The quest takes a literal turn when Jaynes unearths a manuscript that indicates the true location of the Antarctic beasts that Poe's Pym glimpsed on his strange voyage "snow honkies," as Jaynes calls them.

    Icy State Of Affairs

  • (That's right, honkies: The party's over in five ...)

    Brock Cohen: Taking Our Country Back From the Cult of Curmudgeon

  • But I, too, will grant you honkies absolution if it will get me what it did Barack.

    On reparations: Henry Gates gets it


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