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  • n. a long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head


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  • Wrapped in a hooded cloak which concealed his person, Bomilcar let out his breath.

    The First Man in Rome

  • He wore a brown leather tunic with gartered trews and a hooded cloak of raggedy fur that muffled his hair and beard.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • On his short, curly hair he wore a skull cap decorated with peacock feathers and his jacket and breeches seemed to be of black velvet stitched with gold thread, over which was thrown a pale-coloured hooded cloak of the pattern usually worn by desert peoples in these parts.

    The Fortress of the Pearl

  • She was wearing a long hooded cloak of dark green and carrying a Phrygian bow, and a quiver of arrows was slung across her shoulder.

    Shield of Thunder

  • He hung his hooded cloak on the nearest peg, and “Dwalin at your service!” he said with a low bow.

    The Hobbit

  • “Jilbáb,” a long coarse veil or gown which in Barbary becomes a “Jallábiyah,” in a striped and hooded cloak of woollen stuff.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Pushing aside embroidered shawls and gem-encrusted gowns, she pulled clear an old servant’s tunic of dull blue and a hooded cloak in dirty brown.

    Shield of Thunder

  • Into this silence, the witchwoman creeps, her hooded cloak trimmed with the ears off

    Everything2 New Writeups


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