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  • _ A murrein take you, I am sure my hoofes payd for't.

    Discovery of Witches The Wonderfull Discoverie of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster

  • I lacked hands, and was not able to hold a knife in my hoofes: howbeit standing in a pretty cabin, I rejoyced in my selfe to see that spring time was come, and that all things flourished, and that I was in good hope to find some Roses, to render me my humane shape.

    The Golden Asse

  • In the fpring of 1 784, fereral hoofes and flores were crcfted.

    An historical, geographical, commercial, and philosophical view of the American United States

  • Previous to the eflablifliment of this work, there were at Kirkland only two or three hoofes, but now a number of very neat and convenient hoofcs are built, and in a ihort time it is probable that. it will be a confidcrable village.

    The statistical account of Scotland. Drawn up from the communications of the ministers of the different parishes

  • Xamps, bttming all night in tlieir hoofes, iii, Wp note; burnt at the tombs ot the Mohammedan

    Observations on Divers Passages of Scripture: ... In Books of Voyages and Travels Into the East ...

  • They from the fociety 'of men i' rfwayi have no idea rf our feemg them, fliut up in their hoofes, they have Ipealung to 'diem, and touching lio ctimmunicatioit but with their them without' emotion, or without hulband, their father; their bro - being hurried headlong to'extremi - thcr, or fometimes their coufin.

    The Edinburgh magazine, or Literary miscellany

  • The Numantines fet fire to their hoofes, and either kill one another, or perifli in the flames, ib, Scipio trimnpha on his return to Rome, and has the iiir - name of Numaotinus added to that of Afri - canus, 113.

    An universal history, from the earliest accounts to the present time

  • In brief, this plae woold produce far more immediate difTrefs adi popular commotioa than the fuppreflion of religious hoofes; which muft be encountered with a far greater exertion of legal cruelty to eradicate Vioietft aa fuch'meafures mad be, the Hot ten tor fcheme only coeld give them

    The Monthly Review

  • In the morning when I arose, I found my hoofes shriveled together with cold, and unable to passe upon the sharpe ice, and frosty mire, neither could I fill my belly with meate, as I accustomed to doe, for my master and I supped together, and had both one fare: howbeit it was very slender since as wee had nothing else saving old and unsavoury sallets which were suffered to grow for seed, like long broomes, and that had lost all their sweet sappe and juice.

    The Golden Asse

  • Horses the same time to the water to drinke; then had I good occasion ministred, to revenge the injury of my master, for as I passed by, I perceived the fingers of the young-man upon the side of the binne, and lifting up my heeles, I spurned off the flesh with the force of my hoofes, whereby he was compelled to cry out, and to throw downe the binne on the ground, and so the whoredome of the Bakers wife was knowne and revealed.

    The Golden Asse


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