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  • Having a curved beak or bill; curvirostral.


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  • It was like a hawk's; hook-beaked, colorless, toneless in all expressions save that of a malicious tenacity; the eyes were slanted until they resembled those of some fantastic Chinese image, while just above the curving nose a blue-white scar ran straight up the forehead, -- Squint

    The Cross-Cut

  • Boston, and I backs off so sudden I almost bumps into a hook-beaked old dame who is waddlin 'up to the letter-box.

    The House of Torchy

  • Their burrow was a very roomy and comfortable one, but it was spoiled for them by the presence of those two moon-eyed, hook-beaked, solemn persons sitting side by side in the opposite corner.

    Children of the Wild

  • At last the birds all flew back again, and settled down amongst the bushes on Greenlawn, and chirruped and laughed to think how they had driven away the great hook-beaked enemy, when who should come down into their midst but the magpie, all in a hurry and bustle, and looking as important as if all the place belonged to him.

    Featherland How the Birds lived at Greenlawn

  • From about 60 million years ago, when they arose, until they went extinct 57 or so million years later, the family of birds known as phorusrhacids spread across South America, ultimately becoming the continent's dominant predator and producing 18 distinct species of big-headed, hook-beaked, flightless predators that could reach 10 ft. in height. Top Stories

  • Double-crested cormorants, the species seen on the Great Lakes, are hook-beaked waterfowl about 2 1 / 2 feet long with a 4-foot wingspan. - RSS

  • Oh! Speaking of morsels, this morning I was running some errands and right out in front of the drug store, when I went to my car, a scene of life and death was playing itself out right at my rear bumper: a hawk, a big, gorgeous hook-beaked hawk was in the act of murdering a pigeon, and when I surprised it, it dropped its and flew up into a tree.

    Grow Wings -- the Journal of Laini Taylor

  • (they were constructed of a cool fabric like a meat-safe), or of ambling to unknown places of destination with her foot in her cotton stirrup, was so perfectly serene, that most observers would have been constrained to suppose her a dove, embodied by some freak of nature, in the earthly tabernacle of a bird of the hook-beaked order.

    Hard Times

  • a cruel-eyed, hook-beaked, trim, well-bred looking hawk would perch there on the roof -- quite alone, let me tell you -- and gaze around as if wondering where all the other birds could have gone to!

    Children of the Wild

  • Come on, thou grinning dog, thou monster grown fat with eating the flesh of men, thou hook-beaked vulture, thou old, grey-whiskered wolf! "

    She and Allan


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