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  • adj. comparative form of hooky: more hooky


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  • This is definitely hookier than the synopsis-style stuff we've seen.

    HH 27

  • With a hookier nose, and bigger eyebrows, and a hump on her back.

    Susan A Story for Children

  • The songs are bolder, but hookier, too, this time around.

    NPR Topics: News

  • It's not the most alluring Nirvana single; Cobain had written better melodies-bigger, brasher, hookier, lovelier.

    Vue Weekly

  • Not only is it the only prog epic ever to be written about a pleasingly plump call girl, (No, I do not want to know more about Mr. Pye's lewd and complex er ... complexes, though) but it combines two melodies hookier than two left hooks in the kisser from Muhammed

    Latest reviews @, the ultimate progressive rock music website

  • Shola and her partner in crime, Albert Sadia, build these songs from the rhythm section up (Sadia's drumming alone is hookier and more engaging than it has any right to be).


  • These guys are actually getting better but they still need something hookier to get them even as far as

    Notes from a Different Kitchen

  • Seeking Surreal occasionally sounds like a quieter, hookier incarnation of Tool, kind of like A Perfect Circle, which boasts the advantage of actually employing Tool's singer.

    The Pitch | Complete Issue

  • This reminds me of the great, ironical and self-aware Art Brut single "Formed a Band," but "Feeling Better" is even hookier.


  • A song like Teen Spirit -- it was more aggressive than most hard rock but hookier and with more intelligent lyrics. - Frontpage RSS Feed


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