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  • n. Plural form of hoopoe.


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  • The virtue of gratitude is said to be more [developed] in the birds called hoopoes which, knowing the benefits of life and food, they have received from their father and their mother, when they see them grow old, make a nest for them and brood over them and feed them, and with their beaks pull out their old and shabby feathers; and then, with a certain herb restore their sight so that they return to

    The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci — Complete

  • Long distance migrants or dispersers that were most affected included quails, orioles, hoopoes, blackbirds and robins, while non-migrant or short-dispersing species like great tits, coal tits and song thrushes were much less affected. posted by Chad Arment @ 1: 19 PM

    Archive 2007-07-01

  • S, IN and latchford being the main flyers - One good thing comes out of all this nonsense is that we can research all the wonderful places that they lie about, and the park is superb. the hoopoes and Eurasian jays are particularly beautiful - hope you enjoy the site - even those that lie can try a quick peep

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • However, hornbills almost certainly originated in the Eocene at least, as we now know that close relatives of hoopoes had appeared by this time (Mayr 2000).

    Bucorvids: post-Cretaceous maniraptorans on the savannah

  • It is also fairly well agreed nowadays that Murie (1873) was right in arguing that hornbills are close allies of hoopoes and wood-hoopoes, the Upupiformes (Burton 1984, Olson 1985, Mayr 2000, 2003, Mayr et al. 2003).

    Bucorvids: post-Cretaceous maniraptorans on the savannah

  • “I merely remarked, that it were well for the world if all mankind were to put up the same prayer as the hoopoes.”

    Westward Ho!

  • But it befell on a day that all the birds and beasts came to do homage at the court of his most Catholic majesty King Solomon, and among them came these same hoopoes; and they had a little request to make, the poor rogues.

    Westward Ho!

  • There were hoopoes, with their black and white stripes, pecking at insects like little mechanical toys, and the strutting ring-neck doves, engaged in their constant wooing.

    Excerpt: Tears of The Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith

  • Now — "Whenas the swallows, fleeing before the hoopoes, shall have all flocked together in one place, and shall refrain them from all amorous commerce, then will be the end of all the ills of life; yea, and Zeus, who doth thunder in the skies, shall set above what was erst below ...."


  • On the distant grass two crested hoopoes walked up and down with their bobbing digging movements, uttering their drawn-out cry, "hoo poo," sad and melancholic.

    Call Of The Heart


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