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  • n. Plural form of hoopty.


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  • Before I got this car (my first ever new car) I always drove beaters (also known as hoopties in some circles).

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • Therefore, I get to hear the thump-thump throb of numerous "hoopties" polluting the air with [C] rap "music".

    Getting over Michael Richards...

  • They lived in gated communities with armed security guards and automatic burglar alarms and triple locks because they were absolutely convinced that the poor people were just about ready to jump in their hoopties and drive out to the rich neighborhoods to start robbing.

    Matthew Yglesias » Rich Lawyers Boosting Traffic Jams and Calling It Charity

  • Then, when they drive despite this in order to get a job, they get pulled over because the broken-down hoopties they've managed to borrow have dead headlights, are written a ticket for driving while suspended as well as for the dead headlight, and then, when they're convicted, their license gets suspended again.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Or as CEO Jacques Nasser can tell you: no hoopties, brah.

    Hey, Remember Me? I'm Al Gore., Wicked Worm Eats

  • Now, for most people, that's a hop in the car and avoiding the hoopties outside Wal Mart, but when you live in New York, it is a production, or two train rides, to Atlantic Avenue, as opposed to two train rides to Queens Plaza, which is what Jen did today in her quest for a new TV.


  • Pimp My Ride, the new MTV show, with the rapper Xhibit taking SoCal hoopties and upgrading them with 20K of auto parts, is amazing.

    Archive 2004-04-01

  • He pimped Chalabi harder than West Coast Autos remake the hoopties Xzibit drives in the shop on Pimp My Ride.

    Archive 2004-05-01

  • The rental place was all out of the sad ass hoopties my cheapskate insurance company authorized for me, so I had to take a TrailBlazer!

    wilberteets Diary Entry

  • I wouldn't take one of these hoopties if it were given to me as a "gift".

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