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  • interj. Goodbye.


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From 1700s British hooray or hurray, which was also used in Australia to mean goodbye.


  • Our schoolbags, backpacks i guess you might call them, grab hold of our skirts while we walk and inch them up bit by bit which leads to continual yanking down. the solution? take a boy with you let him carry it for you, terrific! youre freed up just like erin said wonderful advantages plus said boy feels manly and is trained up in noble ways. hooroo steph

    Pockets = Freedom - A Dress A Day

  • In Australia hooroo they were shown daily, 4days/week; generally covering one story-line per week.

    Same ol', same ol' - The Panda's Thumb

  • "If the baists would only attack a man in front," he muttered, "it's little I'd mind 'em, but to come up behind, sneakin 'like -- hooroo!"

    Philosopher Jack

  • "Ho! Cormac!" he shouted; "hi! ho! hooroo hooh!" but he shouted in vain.

    The Hot Swamp

  • The contending parties had scarce time to realise what was being done when the deed was completed, and a wild cheer burst from the townspeople, high above which there sounded a terrific "hooroo!" and next instant, Larry O'Hale, followed by Bunco, shot from the barricades, and charged the foe!

    Lost in the Forest Wandering Will's Adventures in South America

  • "Hallo! hi! hooroo!" came at that moment from a long distance to the right, in unmistakable tones.

    Twice Bought

  • This culminated when a little man rushed suddenly into the room, and, with a wild "hooroo!" seized Molloy round the waist -- he wasn't tall enough to get him comfortably by the neck -- and appeared to wrestle with him.

    Blue Lights Hot Work in the Soudan

  • "Be aff, at wance, hooroo!" cried the excited man, with a clap of his hands and a Donnybrook yell that sent all the "pets" leaping and squealing into their native jungle.

    The Coxswain's Bride also, Jack Frost and Sons; and, A Double Rescue

  • "Yis, yo, ha, hooroo!" said Flatface, waving his arms violently to add force to his reply.

    The Norsemen in the West

  • My Grandad was a bit of a demon for the old home brew and so at exactly 12: 30pm, the time his funeral had begun at home fourteen hours earlier, I was able to slip away from the crowd and find a relatively quiet place to reflect, say hooroo and have a beer for the old Beggar-Whoop. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at


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