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  • n. An owl that hoots: distinguished from screech-owl.


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  • It reminded me of the great hoot-owl, listening, after its booming cry, for the stir of its frightened prey.

    Chapter 35

  • He passed into the shadows of the trees and dense underbrush and walked across the dry creek-bed, noting absently that neither whippoorwill nor hoot-owl called in the darkness.

    People of the Dark

  • "I'm boiled like a Tellurian hoot-owl," he announced, still happily.

    Gray Lensman

  • A hoot-owl screeched at mournful intervals, and the night sounds would have tried a city lad's nerves in that long dark stretch that led him finally to the station.

    Betty Gordon in Washington

  • The gabble of geese is music to the goose; the hoot of the hoot-owl is lovlier to his mate than the nightingale's lay; the concert of Signor "Tomasso Cataleny" and Mademoiselle "Pussy" awakeneth the growling old bachelor from his dreams, and he throweth his boquets of bootjacks and superannuated foot gear.

    Gov. Bob. Taylor's Tales

  • Then from the depths of the forest suddenly boomed the cry of the hoot-owl.

    The Gun-Brand

  • Mr. Stott lingered to regale Pinkey and Wallie for the fourteenth time with the story of the hoot-owl which had frightened him while hunting in

    The Dude Wrangler

  • Mr. Stott was indebted to him for an experience which relegated the Florida hoot-owl to the background, though the thrill of the adventure was so intermingled with anguish that it was impossible to tell where one left off and the other began.

    The Dude Wrangler

  • She goes 'bout the lake doin 'nothin' but hollerin 'like a hoot-owl, and she don't have enough to eat.

    From the Valley of the Missing

  • The distant sound of a hoot-owl startled Flea from her tears.

    From the Valley of the Missing


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