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  • A brush and a swab with hoppes cleaner. if its real fouled I run both a few times.

    What do you use to clean your shotgun?

  • When I heard these stories or read Grits's articals, ... you could smell gun powder and hoppes #9 ... some poeple are like that.

    Goodbye to Grits

  • Not to mention hoppes cleaning liquids and copper cutter.

    An Idea Whose Time Has Come

  • The tester richlie embrothered with my Lo. armes in a garland of hoppes, roses, and pomegranetts, and lyned with buckerom.


  • When the time for picking came, the bines when cut were carried to a 'floore prepared for the purpose', apparently of hardened earth, where they were stripped into baskets, and Scott thought that 'it is not hurtfull greatly though the smaller leaves be mingled with the hoppes'.

    A Short History of English Agriculture

  • Yes | No | Report from sam wrote 2 years 43 weeks ago as to the rusting problem i have a cousin who stores his guns in his closet. anyway after hunting season he cleans them all and stands them up in a pan of 30 weight motor oil, barrel down. this cause the guns to "self oil", to pull the oil into themselfs throughout the year. he doesnt seem to have any problems with rusting and hell since we live in the nice humid state of louisisana that saying something. when hunting season rolls around he just wipes the guns down with hoppes no.

    The Future Of Finish Is Putting Rust To Rest

  • a bore brush and swab with either hoppes no 9 our outters (whichever I happen to have) until it comes clean then ill use alittle gun oil and lightly coat the inside and outside, sometimes instead i'll use CLP (cleaning lubricating & protecting oil what the military uses) +1 Good Comment?

    What do you use to clean your shotgun?

  • English treatise on hops, [216] in which he says, 'one man may well keep 2,000 hils, upon every hil well ordered you shall have 3 lb. of hoppes at the least, one hundred pounds of these hoppes are commonly worth 26s. 8d., one acre of ground and the third part of one man's labour with small cost beside, shall yield unto him that ordereth the same well, fortie marks yearly and that for ever,' an optimistic estimate that many growers to-day would like to see realized.

    A Short History of English Agriculture

  • 'greater you make your hylles the more hoppes you shall have upon your poals'.

    A Short History of English Agriculture

  • I do keep it clean with hoppes, breakfree using boresnakes and patches) 3) how accurate should a non-match grade m1 garand be at 100 yards?

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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