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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hopscotch.


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  • The show hopscotches between the decades: Hanging in view of a massive 1948 drip painting by Pollock is a 1961 U.S. map painted with mad brushstrokes by Jasper Johns, who was eyeing Pollock even as he was trying to break from abstract expressionism, says Jodi Hauptman, a curator of drawings at MoMA and a lead organizer of the exhibit.

    Matisse Goes South: Modern in Atlanta

  • Founded by borderland American artists in response to the fallout over Arizona's infamous SB 1070 "papers please" legislation, Arizona Between Nosotros festival kicks off in Nogales, Sonora on June 30th, and then hopscotches the border to Tucson and Phoenix on July 1st and 8th, in a remarkable showcase of performance and video art, and follow-up panel discussions.

    Jeff Biggers: Arizona Between Nosotros: Groundbreaking Festival Bridges US-Mexico Border Divide Through Performance Artists

  • It shreds a lot of party lines and hopscotches factions.

    Women, Eastern Washington Big Supporters of High Earners Income Tax « PubliCola

  • The parade of readings begins Monday with Albee's 1981 adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" and then hopscotches back and forth, in no particular order, through full-length masterpieces such as "A Delicate Balance" and shorter works that reveal Albee's embrace of the absurd, such as "The Sandbox."

    Edward Albee Festival starts at Arena Stage

  • The camera hopscotches between clusters of characters, sketching in a world made of glimpses and seemingly random moments.

    False Start Leads to Improv Awakening

  • Brashares's fantastical romance hopscotches between the present day, where Daniel and his love, Lucy, meet as students in Virginia, and their former lives, where they've always been mismatched by time and circumstance.

    'My Name Is Memory,' by best-selling 'Traveling Pants' author Ann Brashares

  • The story hopscotches about, moving forward in time, moving backward, providing insight into turns of events that are both incredibly sweet and unbearably horrible.

    James Scarborough: Stop Kiss, The Garage Theatre

  • Wolfe's hope is that if a new microorganism appears in both humans and animals, the public-health community and local governments can work together to stop a novel disease before it hopscotches around the globe.

    Animal Instincts

  • While everybody emotes dramatically all over the place, The Cake Eaters (a title that makes no sense) hopscotches between three interconnected romances — sweet Beagle and twitching, crippled Georgia; Easy and his pistol-packing mama, Marge; and Guy and his old flame, Stephanie.

    Twilight in the Catskills

  • The rest of the film hopscotches from Manhattan to the Bahamas to Miami Beach to London to Cleveland cataloguing their tricks, maneuvers and travel requisitions as they outsmart each other between popping Champagne corks and making ticky-ticky.

    Beautiful Julia and Clive Make Sweet Lies Together


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