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  • adj. Describing something projecting like a horn.
  • adj. Describing a hard substance similar to horn.

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  • adj. made of horn (or of a substance resembling horn)


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  • We find abundance instead in a variety named Sweet Banana, which is festooned with clusters of mouthwatering fruits, hornlike and as long as your hand.

    Groundwork: The wonder of late-season peppers

  • But here's the kicker: Mr. Payton fills out the frontline with vocalist Johnaye Kendrick, who sings with a hornlike quality somewhere between lyrics and scatting (an approach popularized by Esperanza Spalding).

    New Sounds From Familiar Faces

  • Papilloma viruses cause the hornlike growths in rabbits that probably gave rise to myths of "jackalopes" in the American West.

    The Cancer-Causing Sex Virus

  • Apparently the hornlike structure had an importance she had not guessed.

    The Green-Eyed Shwemyethna

  • This was, she had ex - plained, merely an extension of her natural ability to harden her substance into bonelike or hornlike rigidity.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • His ability to play hornlike lines, distorted by a cheap microphone, intertwining with Muddy's slide guitar, was one of the defining pieces of the Muddy Waters 'band's sound.

    A Treasure Trove From A Harmonica Master

  • Al the cop, a six-foot-four bruiser with a giant head and a hornlike voice, liked to play Devil's Advocate in between bites of his eggplant parmagian 'sangweech.

    Carl Capotorto: I Was A Teenage Anti-Abortionist

  • Black fiddlers typically played with more vibrato and a rougher, fuller, more hornlike tone than their white counterparts; they could be more fearless, even rash, about venturing into the upper register, and their bowing patterns seemed less predictable.

    Arts Extra: A Mix Of The Sort Of Famous And The Obscure

  • The “happiness” crystal looks somewhat like a happy crab with hornlike formations on its hexagonal body.

    The Miracle of Water

  • A flower spur is a hollow, hornlike extension of a flower that holds nectar in its base.

    False Fear? - The Panda's Thumb


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