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  • v. Present participle of hornswoggle.


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  • "I suspect that given Traylor's temperament," the source said, "that there won't be any hornswoggling about it."

    The Fix: A chance to sink Vitter

  • “I knew you hated her, Miss Holly, but hornswoggling the critter is a downright display of barnyard confetti.”


  • As you reminded me, you did such a thorough job of hornswoggling me that I find I am now married to you.


  • But, instead of responding in the hornswoggling fashion his neighbors did, Pemberton instead removed the alcohol from his coca wine and replaced it something people like almost as much: gigantic amounts of sugar.

    Cracked: All Posts

  • Wonkette as well as the rest of the left-O-sphere worked up into a frothy lather over Henry's low down, hornswoggling ways.

    The Reality Check

  • The believable Ripley called them - get ready for these Americanisms - "prestidigitation, double-shuffling, honey-fugling, hornswoggling and skullduggery".

    British Blogs

  • | Reply | Permalink nonsense. clinton doesn't just go from being one of the two most important dems in the country to the bottom of the bucket just because obama is now the presumptive and uncontested nominee. pretending that she doesn't have any power or influence in the party doesn't make it so. this sort of arrogance among obama supporters reminds me of bush's claim to have received a mandate after squeaking by in one of the closest elections ever. it would be wise to continue keeping in mind that nearly half of dem primary voters supported clinton. obama won, but what clinton does between now and november can certainly have an impact on a lot of dem voters. (particularly as obama tacks back to the right after hornswoggling so many progressives.)

    Obama On FISA: Telecom Immunity Issue Doesn't Override National Security

  • This exchange had the extremists at DailyKos and the profane folks at Wonkette as well as the rest of the left-O-sphere worked up into a frothy lather over Henry’s low down, hornswoggling ways.

    Dear Barack, Don’t Get Mad, Was Just Doing my Job — Love Ed Henry, CNN - Warner_Todd_Huston’s blog - RedState


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