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  • n. An undesirable, boorish, unintelligent, or objectionable person; often used in jest; a hoser.
  • n. A trashy, dirty, skanky or sexually loose woman.


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  • And take that Hal Holbrook-looking, shriveled up, wrinkled hosebag bigot Geraldine Ferraro with you.

    Clinton: 'This is nowhere near over'

  • The suit alleged Love called Dawn Simorangkir a “nasty lying hosebag thief,” said she was a drug addict and a prostitute and accused her of stealing thousands of dollars.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Twitter Post Yields Libel Lawsuit:

  • This little streetcorner hosebag saw a "daddy-warbucks" in Mr. Cook and she couldn't spread her legs fast enough.

    Diana Bianchi Photo Gallery

  • Hormones can turn even the most mild-mannered -- or, if not mild-mannered, so passive-aggressive as to SEEM mild-mannered -- person into a total psycho hosebag.

    I'm Back, Large (Very Large) and in Charge

  • Good sense tells me: don't write petulant first-person columns to the CHE as an outraged fat PhD in urban studies who didn't get a job at Ivy last year, especially not a column that highlights the role of that blond hosebag who was especially snotty during my interview.

    Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

  • Eh, some simple hosebag always seems to think it's about HER.

    you never know

  • He likes to casually bang Cameron Diaz, but he falls in love with the less attainable Penelope Cruz it is a credit to Cruz that she makes this situation seem plausible; Penelope is so cute in this film that I found myself siding with Cruise and thinking, “Why the hell would anyone want to have sex with a repulsive hosebag like Cameron Diaz?”

    The Awe-Inspiring Beauty of Tom Cruise’s Shattered, Troll-like Face

  • Most were a cut or two above the average hosebag who comes through the door.

    Deal Breaker

  • Love also called the Austin, Texas-based fashion designer a "nasty, lying hosebag thief."

  • The only people more useless to the hockey world than that talentless hosebag "Snooki" are Gary Bettman and Sean Avery.

    Yahoo! Sports - Top News


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