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  • n. A person who attends visitors in a religious institution
  • n. A member of any of several religious orders that cared for the sick in hospitals


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  • He had Einon's horse stalled and glossy and watered by the time Brother Denis the hospitaller came to bid them to the refectory, newly laid and decked for them after the brothers had ended their repast, and dispersed to enjoy their brief rest before the afternoon's work began.

    A Caregiver's Homage To The Very Old

  • Imagine to yourself, round the table, the Marquis di Negro, a knight hospitaller to all men of talent on their travels, and the


  • The hospitaller, gravely courteous, would not press him beyond what he cared to confide, but let him have his way, offered a confessor should he be in need, and left him to lead his horse to the stables and tend him before taking his own rest.

    Brother Cadfael's Penance

  • He sought out the hospitaller, and made his farewells, and went to saddle up in the stable yard.

    Brother Cadfael's Penance

  • Not until the porter had shown forth all the curiosities and beauties of his church to the visitor did he hand Cadfael over to the hospitaller, to be furnished with a bed, and welcomed into the community at supper in the frater.

    Brother Cadfael's Penance

  • February was not a busy month for Brother Denis the hospitaller, but there were always a few travellers in need of shelter.

    The Holy Thief

  • Brother Denis the hospitaller claimed that Robert had rocked back on his heels so alarmingly that it was a wonder he did not fall flat on his back.

    Monk's Hood

  • After them came all the other officers, sub-prior, sacristan, hospitaller, almoner, infirmarer, the custodian of the altar of St Mary, the cellarer, the precentor, and the master of the novices.

    Monk's Hood

  • Chapter Four Brother Denis the hospitaller, who always had all the news of the town from the wayfarers who came to the guest-hall, reported on the way to Vespers that the story of Bonel's death and the hunt for his stepson was all over Shrewsbury, and the sheriff's sergeant had drawn a blank at Martin Bellecote's shop.

    Monk's Hood

  • Hamo FitzHamon was occupied with Prior Robert's ceremonious welcome, and the attentions of the hospitaller, who had made the best rooms of the guest-hall ready for him.

    A Rare Benedictine


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