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  • n. In computing, a person responsible for managing domain name records within the Domain Name System or any individual computer (typically a server).


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  • Role accounts not only encompass abuse desks or Network Operation Centers, but also operational accounts like 'hostmaster' and 'postmaster', who have to deal with requests from customers and feedback from key institutions like ARIN and RIPE or domain registrars.

    Boing Boing: December 28, 2003 - January 3, 2004 Archives

  • As a DNS hostmaster, sendmail adnministrator, and general ISP infrasturcture professional, when I say "back-end preparation" it means just that. back-end.

    Labour (Deputy) Leadership Candidates Had Better Be Careful

  • I spent the morning doing hostmaster stuff, and in the afternoon I spent some time trying to get an overview of what had been going on not easy.

    My "first" day at work + birthday party.

  • At work I did the usual stuff - hostmaster questions, general system administration, and I spent a couple of hours writing a draft for some documentation.

    Chocolate and demolition.

  • So when I popped in this afternoon to do some hostmaster stuff for the Windows people we did some shelves hanging as well.

    A "new" office.

  • I got through a bunch of incidents, thought about program management on Solaris, got a nice massage no, not message from a colleague, had lunch, solved more incidents, did some hostmaster work and solved some more or less mysterious network trouble with Jenny.

    A useful day at work! And Harry Potter!

  • This is ALL controlled by the ‘hostmaster’ of the domain in question.

    Comcast Doesn’t Know Why The Outage

  • Email ads to hostmaster AT ad-rag. com important! do not BCC us - our email needs to be in the "TO:" line or the email heads straight to the spam box.


  • I know that some people have a problem typing out "Dabitch" but it is a frickin 'name so if you really want to address me, try to bite the bullet, or come up with better alternatives than the anonymous "webmaster" (emailed to the hostmaster this makes little sense).


  • In plain English email the hostmaster to see if you can get permission to repost any (photographic) images from this website anywhere else.



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