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  • n. An axle or journal box, as on a railway car, that has become overheated by excessive friction.

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  • n. A container maintained at elevated temperatures in order to heat or cook its contents.
  • n. An overheated shaft bearing.
  • v. To smoke marijuana in a small confined area, such as the inside of a car, until it is full of smoke, thereby purportedly intensifying the drug's effects.
  • v. To put out a cigarette just before entering a vehicle, then expel smoke in the vehicle.

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  • n. a journal bearing (as of a railroad car) that has overheated


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hot +‎ box


  • The one problem they reported was keeping the temperature from fluctuating: the grill’s hotbox is metal, and the afternoon breezes tend to kick off the ocean, meaning they’re cold.

    ‘Que, Part the Second

  • It was a "hotbox" in the summer and around 35 degrees in the winter.

    Belvins, John C.

  • Since Becquerel used selenium to experiment with photovoltaics in 1836, and Horace de Saussure captured solar heat in his homemade "hotbox" in 1767, the two disciplines of using solar energy to produce either electricity or hot water have remained separate.

    Blogposts |

  • "A hot-box," began the Compound, picking and choosing her words as though they were coal, "a hotbox is the penalty exacted from inexperience by haste.

    The Day's Work - Volume 1

  • The only problem with a solar powered "hotbox" (sounds ...

    The Sietch Blog

  • You're all Yo, broheem, I can't wait to hotbox our Amsterdam hotel room and then watch Een Koninkrijk voor een Huis.

    HUFFPOST HILL - CBO Shocker: American Jobs Act *Won't* Ruthlessly Exterminate Small Woodland Creatures

  • I'm intending to try some hotbox cooking although mostly using ingredients where the time at temperature isn't a safety issue.

    Making Light: Open thread 136

  • Mr. Mcgoo needs to spend some more time in his hanoi hotbox and rember just how important coming home is if you ask me, i mean he of all people should know what its like ..

    Obama reminds voters of McCain's '100 years' comment

  • He moved on and invented the Wolseley hotbox, the first shearing machine.


  • No, I totally don't wanna hotbox his van, plus I'm driving, but he's effing weird and I like that and so I join him outside for a stroll in the lilac-scented evening air.

    blog: May 2009


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