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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hothouse.


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  • Mern could defend the ethics of such procedure with interesting arguments; he had been an inspector of police and held ironic views of human nature; he had invented an anticipatory system, so he called it, by which he "hothoused" criminal proclivities in a person in order to show the person's latent possibilities up to an employer before damage had been wrought to the employer's business or funds.

    Joan of Arc of the North Woods

  • My parents are here, where they never meant to be, hothoused, like all the rest.

    December « 2009 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • With our hothoused eldest son, we spent a lot of time chatting about whatever he was currently reading, and occasionally checked to make sure he wasn't just going through the motions.

    Reading with kids? How hard can it be?

  • That is to say fairly average kids who were born to a wealthy middle class family where they were hothoused in education in order to get good grades and go onto Oxbridge, but never actually developed an interest in their studies beyond the goal of achieving for achievements sake- they feel it is the only way to get affection.

    From porn to Portillo | Mark Lawson

  • Robson of course is a former Arsenal favourite turned ruminative jobbing pundit but Boyce is a new one on me, albeit it is impossible to keep track of the suffocating superfluity of football commentators, a side product of the digital age where the commentator has been hothoused and battery-farmed, mercilessly cloned in great striding secret stormtrooper columns.

    Gary Lineker's jokes have you itching for a touch of punk from Africa | Barney Ronay

  • Things I'd never have known without Twitter last week range from the hidden significance of sculleries via a tweeted link to a beautifully written architecture blog to the fact that Chinese schools, far from benefiting from zealous "tiger mothering", are now consulting British teachers on how to reintroduce creativity to their hothoused children.

    Twitter looks chaotic: but don't be afraid

  • Unlike European football's customarily gilded youth of today, hothoused in academies, Bebé was abandoned by his parents as a young boy, looked after by his grandmother in a rundown area of Lisbon, then put into care at the age of 12.

    Bebé: Six steps that took a Lisbon street kid to Manchester United

  • And, unlike Jackson, he wasn't hothoused into it by his family, but did it on his own with some help from Col.

    How Will We Write The History Of The Man In The Mirror; Or, Who Was Michael Jackson (To You)?

  • Apparently, he was once a little boy named John before being hothoused into ‘the perfect solider’.

    Rumor: Spielberg Jumping On Board The Halo Movie? | /Film

  • The bright stars, if you like, they get hothoused.

    Bono On Bono


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