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  • n. Plural form of houseman.


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  • The subject of her thoughts, blithely unaware of the future hurtling towards her, was doing a round with Sir Harry Bliss, his registrar -- one Donald Jones, a clutch of worried housemen, and the social worker, a beaky-nosed lady with a heart of gold, known throughout the hospital as Ducky.

    You Don't Take Names

  • There was a faint murmur of laughter because he prided himself on his sense of humour, but Sister Proud foot who had heard that one a dozen times before merely handed him the patient's chart as the housemen fanned out into a respectful semi-circle around the foot of the bed.

    You Don't Take Names

  • She was perched on the bottom stair, between two of Aede's friends, listening to their account of life on the wards in a Rotterdam hospital where they were housemen.

    Politics 101

  • She was liked by everyone in the hospital with the possible exception of one or two of the housemen, who had expected her to be as fragile as her appearance and were still smarting from her astringent tongue.

    Politics 101

  • Marvin and George teamed up, playing the nurses, the groundskeepers, electricians, housemen, military aides, and on and on.

    Barbara Bush

  • The long hallway he entered thronged with people in various uniforms -- housekeepers and bellmen, waitresses and housemen, bartenders and banquet waiters.

    Delta Search

  • She wasn't a conceited girl; she was used to admiring glances and had fended off the tentative advances of several of the young housemen, but the professor's glances were strictly impersonal and he had shown no wish to add warmth to their relationship.

    A Kiss For Julie

  • Simon danced until the band played a final encore, and then waited patiently with the senior hospital staff while the nurses and housemen said their good nights and went off to their beds.

    A Kiss For Julie

  • Sister was small and dainty, never lacking dates with the more senior housemen.

    A Kiss For Julie

  • One of the more senior housemen had suggested that they might spend the next afternoon together and have tea.

    The Course Of True Love


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