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  • adj. Alternative form of house-proud.


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house +‎ proud


  • In a valedictory weekend interview she told the Times that she cooks and assembles the Ikea furniture while husband Dromey does the cleaning ( "he's very houseproud"), washing and shopping.

    Michael White's conference diary: Lord Prezza's quiet exit

  • Because she has no budget, Camille has to stay with her estranged family: her obsessively houseproud and remote mother, her uninvolved stepfather and her precocious teenage half-sister.

    Nine titles in a round-up

  • I suggested the Army enforce it and, before you knew it, what started out as a nice idea became a houseproud dictatorship.

    …getting Lost « Sven’s guide to…

  • To those who've never seen the show, she is the houseproud, perfect housewife who's perfectly turned out and to the outside world leads a perfect life.

    Desperate Housewives, Desperate Davids?

  • March 25, 2005 10: 04 houseproud: yes, yes it is ....

    oh my, lo? (Music (For Robots))

  • Being of a houseproud, obsessively tidy nature – which may or may not be related to being born when the sun was in Virgo – I have also had a hard time coming to terms with the damage inflicted on our existing possessions.


  • Even if one maintains that houseproud homemakers are satisfied to trade their free time for extra housework, what about the many women who now also work outside the home?

    Living Smaller

  • The houseproud teenager was also tidying up her career.


  • And even though there may be fewer people smoking indoors - with many smokers now banished to the garden for a quick puff - houseproud Brits still want a fresh, floral smell. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • The thing was, this line kept making me want to write a story - something about a houseproud wife kept under the thumb of her controlling husband, who focuses all her energies on maintaining the spotless cleanliness of her house and is finally tipped over the edge one day when her husband tells her the mashed potatoes are too salty and throws the plate, potatoes and all, against her pristine almond white wall.

    Irish Blogs


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