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  • noun (Zoöl.) A beautiful South American motmot.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun zoology A South American motmot.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From its note.


  • The houtou shuns the society of man: the plantations and cultivated parts are too much disturbed to engage it to settle there; the thick and gloomy forests are the places preferred by the solitary houtou.

    Wanderings in South America

  • In those far-extending wilds, about daybreak, you hear him articulate, in a distinct and mournful tone, "houtou, houtou."

    Wanderings in South America

  • In the daytime it retires amongst the darkest rocks, and only comes out to feed a little before sunrise and at sunset: he is of a gloomy disposition and, like the houtou, never associates with the other birds of the forest.

    Wanderings in South America

  • Move cautious on to where the sound proceeds from, and you will see him sitting in the underwood about a couple of yards from the ground, his tail moving up and down every time he articulates "houtou."

    Wanderings in South America

  • While in quest of the houtou, you will now and then fall in with the jay of

    Wanderings in South America

  • The houtou ranks high in beauty amongst the birds of Demerara.

    Wanderings in South America

  • While we consider the tail of the houtou blemished and defective, were he to come amongst us he would probably consider our heads, cropped and bald, in no better light.

    Wanderings in South America

  • About two hours before daybreak you will hear the red monkey moaning as though in deep distress; the houtou, a solitary bird, and only found in the thickest recesses of the forest, distinctly articulates "houtou, houtou," in a low and plaintive tone an hour before sunrise; the maam whistles about the same hour; the hannaquoi, pataca and maroudi announce his near approach to the eastern horizon, and the parrots and paroquets confirm his arrival there.

    Wanderings in South America


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