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  • n. Plural form of hoverbike.


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  • The uniquely modified hoverbikes landed, bumped the top of the train, landed again, and the two men had them clamped and locked down within half a second—the magnetic locks also custom-installed for exactly this purpose.

    Starcraft II: Devils’ Due

  • In bike news, the Trek PR people announced today that, bowing to popular demand, they will begin offering their line of hoverbikes in a single-speed configuration.

    BSNYC Road Dairy: Belated Birthdays and Happy Returns

  • Elves, magic and hoverbikes in one awesome package.

    Tinker - Wen Spencer

  • This will set back production of the 878 and 901 hover-cars and especially the 428 hoverbikes by—

    Queen of Blades

  • This will set back production of the 878 and 901 hovercars and especially the 428 hoverbikes by—


  • Ensemble has ported over a huge selection of vehicles and units from the main Halo games, including (but not limited to) Brutes, Jackals, airborne Banshees, Wraith behemoths and fragile Ghost hoverbikes on the Covenant bench, and UNSC Marines, Hornet fighters, Scorpion tanks and those hunky Spartan warriors on the human. Video Games Website XML Feed

  • Note: I don’t mean local sufficiency or DIY tech, but the focus on stable regional communities, as opposed to a gleaming interconnected mass society on hoverbikes.

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2009 – April – 28

  • But without the city, and the hoverbikes to fly through it, there wouldn’t be the neighborhoods, either.

    Rad Geek People’s Daily – 2009 – April – 28

  • On those rare occasions when they used them, it was mainly to extort fines out of kids on hoverbikes or to nail the bus drivers who were so drunk or stoned that they couldn’t drive straight—which was about half of them.


  • Aside from hoverbikes, vehicles didn’t generally come down this way, except for the buses on the main thoroughfares.



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