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  • n. Plural form of hoverfly.


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  • Three quarters of butterfly species were declining, while there was little "robust science" on what was happening to other insect pollinators such as hoverflies, the researchers said. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • Several hours later I called back at the same spot and found them – the droning flowers, the endless bees, the hoverflies and grass snakes – all still in their places.

    Country diary: Claxton, Norfolk

  • The bushes near Carleton Beck exuded the deep sonorous zoom sound of queen red-tailed and buff-tailed bumblebees, and all around the lee side of the thicket were the hoverflies known technically as Eristalis intricarius.

    Country diary: Claxton, Norfolk

  • The bees join other pollinating insects that have been suffering increasing declines since the end of the 20th century, including moths and hoverflies, and the U.S. findings mirror similar studies examining bee declines around the world, with everything from increasing city development to pesticide use suggested as contributing causes.

    U.S. Bumble Bees In Sharp Decline, Joining Trend Of Disappearing Species

  • In rougher, gloriously weedy places, I don't remember watching as many gold-banded hoverflies fiddling with the nipplewort.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • Other members of the umbellifer family draw in the beetles and the hoverflies, but nothing quite magnetises the invertebrate world like flowering hogweed.

    Country diary

  • The insects love them and they encourage aphid-feeding hoverflies.

    Jolly brollies

  • As the pulse of late summer purples through thistles, knapweeds, wild basil and marjoram, flowers are crowded with butterflies, bumblebees and hoverflies.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • There is no doubt that honeybees, hoverflies, wasps, bumblebees, moths and butterflies are all under threat.

    Action - not research - is needed to save our pollinators

  • In these hot June days, meadow brown and ringlet butterflies, together with six-spot burnet moths, bumblebees and solitary bees and hoverflies, visit the pea family plants of bird's-foot trefoils, melilots, medicks, vetches and clovers.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge


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