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  • adv. Why; why is it; for what reason or purpose?


Probably from "how comes/came it that" (how does/did it happen that) (Wiktionary)


  • He was looking at the little red plastic crack-vial tops lying around on the steps, wondering what the letter T embossed on each one meant and how come crack producers felt it necessary to add a little styling detail like that fancy T to the packaging of their product.

    Drowned Hopes

  • Prasca, incidentally, has telegraphed me to say that he requires no reinforcements for the invasion, so how come everybody has been telling me that we can't possibly do it without them?

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • Like, how come Kelly Palumba was rich beyond the dreams of whatnot, while same-age Magda was a street prostitute?

    The Great California Game

  • Which is how come Nick found himself sitting in Celtic Warrior in Nishi Azabu on a Thursday night, alone at the bar, nursing a bourbon and water and a headache, trying to maintain his sanity as a bad multiracial goth band played heavily Japanese-influenced Celtic war melodies, an assault on the ears almost too intense to be described, much less endured.

    A Bob Lee Swagger eBook Boxed Set

  • “So how come you and Sin hate each other?” she asked as Alan turned the car left at Alphington Junction.

    The Demons Covenant

  • And I reckon that's how come Percy's come to Greenville.

    Oral History Interview with Naomi Sizemore Trammel, March 25, 1980. Interview H-0258. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)

  • No, Roswitha was not entirely innocent in the matter; whether she had known what this gift was and how come by or not, she had certainly understood that it was perilous and not to be shown-not yet!

    The Devil's Novice

  • And if he was, how come Joyful Turner was prepared to let him captain a fine sloop like Lisbetta?

    City of Glory

  • I hope I can place credence in this report of yours that the Greek generals are with us; if that's true, how come they've arrested Platis?

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • I was quite confident that we had things set up as well as we could, and I looked forward to barbing Leo that night back at the base as to how come he had been shot down.

    Thud Ridge


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