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  • adv. howsoever


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  • But I must be goin '-- I don't know, howsomedever, fur wife must have fed the stock by this time.

    The Starbucks

  • He had wrap 'de chain roun' wid a rag, so it didn 'hurt his neck; but w'eneber he went ter wuk, dat ham would be in his way; he had ter do his task, howsomedever, des de same ez ef he didn' hab de ham.

    Dave's Neckliss

  • Lawyers, in course, sir, is all blessed rogues; but howsomedever, he may have for once in his life this here one of 'em have told us of the right channel, and if so be as he has, don't be the Yankee to leave him among the pirates.

    Varney the vampire; or, The feast of blood. Volume 1

  • We were, howsomedever, almost giving up, when we caught sight of a sail coming over the water to us.

    In the Eastern Seas

  • "For my part, howsomedever, I cannot think that anybody would have taken the trouble to bury them," answered Needham.

    The Three Lieutenants

  • "In my opinion, howsomedever, it doesn't take half that time for a spider-tail to turn into a powder-monkey; but I'll see what my book says about it when we get back to the ship."

    The Three Lieutenants

  • "It seems, howsomedever, to have breezed up again, and if it don't shift before long, there's little chance of the schooner's living, or any of us either for that matter, many hours more."

    Hurricane Hurry

  • Well, howsomedever, I keeps a watch on him, and I soon seed that he was trying it on with some of the _Helen's_ crew; and at last, that he'd got one of our people to listen to him.

    Salt Water The Sea Life and Adventures of Neil D'Arcy the Midshipman

  • "So we should, long ago, if it hadn't been for blind Peter; howsomedever, we can keep him quiet for some time."

    Washed Ashore The Tower of Stormount Bay

  • -- A black oak, with corner blazes on it, and its top broken down by the wind, and standing atween three chestnuts, howsomedever, can be nothing so very hard to find, for a person that's the least acquainted.



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