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  • noun Plural form of hubbub.


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  • From her infamous The Face magazine cover, through high profile romances with Johnny Depp, and her present on-again, off-again union with Pete Doherty, various hubbubs concerning her weight and the "waif" look, and her rise as a true supermodel both on the runway and off, Kate has managed to preserve what is becoming increasingly rare these days in our over-saturated celebu-media glare, which is a personal sense of mystery and enigma.

    Meghan Cleary: An Enigma Opens Her Closet

  • The difference is that Americans are used to these hubbubs about racialised remarks witness Jimmy the Greek, Fuzzy Zoeller, even Howard Cosell, but we in the UK have never been this touchy about the topic.

    "So what is it that makes Rosie's 'ching chong' so offensive?"

  • Page 7 disturbance need be apprehended; and yet even there, we hear of hubbubs.

    Henry Harrisse's Memorial to the Trustees, September 29, 1856

  • But the hubbub about the missionary's piastres rose higher than all the other hubbubs.

    The Bertrams

  • Despite this year's various hubbubs, 2011 was a much quieter award year than 2010.

    The Guardian World News

  • I think moments like these because hubbubs mostly because they're really low-hanging fruit for the media.

    The Guardian World News

  • And yet, who had not rather be your fool and sot, always merry, ever young, and making sport for other people, than either Homer's Jupiter with his crooked counsels, terrible to everyone; or old Pan with his hubbubs; or smutty Vulcan half covered with cinders; or even Pallas herself, so dreadful with her Gorgon's head and spear and a countenance like bullbeef?

    The Praise of Folly

  • Or that's going to contribute to time-wasting, lurid hubbubs around things like, oh, the Joaquin Phoenix appearance on Letterman?

    Looking Closer

  • They're rude and menacing and large groups of them always end up causing hubbubs, getting arrested, being featured prominently on the local evening news.

    beyond the pale

  • All above my head there rushed southward with wide-spread wing of haste a sparkling smoke; and mixed with the immense roaring I heard mysterious hubbubs of tumblings and rumblings, which I could not at all comprehend, like the moving-about of furniture in the houses of Titans; while pervading all the air was a most weird and tearful sound, as it were threnody, and a wild wail of pain, and dying swan-songs, and all lamentations and tribulations of the world.

    The Purple Cloud


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