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  • n. A rhythmic dance from the time just prior to rock and roll.
  • n. A treat consisting of frozen Kool-Aid served in a dixie cup.
  • n. A hillbilly or otherwise culturally backwards person.
  • v. To dance the hucklebuck.


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  •   As Shrdlu'soeuvregrew, his research was cited by others; a specialist on Kim Jong-il's collection of DVDs; the author of a monograph on the NFL Cardinals 'dismal tenure in St. Louis; a history of “soul” dances — boogaloo, shingaling, hucklebuck — of the 1960s.

    My Fictional Tormenter

  • Meanwhile, Peggy and Duck are doing the hucklebuck somewhere in the fifth dimension while Betty employs Mary McCarthy's The Group as bathtub reading, trying not to suds up the pages.

    James Wolcott's Blog

  • "Back in the 60s, you couldn†™ t do the hucklebuck because it was nasty," Checker told the crowd.

    The Times of India

  • For another, there's hucklebuck Danny Glover at his big-black-man sweatiest, channeling 1977 Fred Williamson and running an elite police squad in Crime Ridden Future Los Angeles made up of the infinitely cool Rubén Blades, Maria Conchito Alonzo, and Bill Paxton.

    Baltimore City Paper

  • March 2nd, 2009 at 5: 49 pm hucklebuck says: vinny vinny vinny,

    Dime Magazine ( : Daily NBA News, NBA Trades, NBA Rumors, Basketball Videos, Sneakers


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