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  • noun Same as guemul.

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  • noun A yellowish-brown deer of the genus Hippocamelus, of South America; the two species are endangered.


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  • Although the vegetation is probably adapted to grazing by native animals such as huemul and guanaco, the introduction of exotic cattle can have an harmful impact on the ecosystems.

    Magellanic subpolar forests

  • Among mammals, there is an isolated population of southern Andean huemul Hippocamelus bisulcus (E).

    Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

  • In spite of not having a high biological diversity, it contains a well represented sample of Patagonian cold forests and small populations of mammals and birds that are of particular conservation concern, such as the southern Chilean huemul and torrent duck.

    Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

  • The most important populations of huemul are found in the area.

    Magellanic subpolar forests

  • Historically some of these animals, especially huemul, have reduced ranges since the arrival of the Europeans due to hunting, predation by dogs, susceptibility to cattle diseases and competition with cattle and introduced red deer.

    Magellanic subpolar forests

  • Other larger mammals include north Andean huemul Hippocamelus antisensis (DD), spectacled bear Tremarctos ornatus (VU), jaguar Panthera onca, jaguarundi Felis yagouaroundi and possibly tapir Tapirus pinchaque (EN).

    Rio Abiseo National Park, Peru

  • The North Andean huemul Hippocamelus antisensis (V), is also noteworthy.

    Huascaran National Park, Peru

  • Given research, mouse deer, muntjac, musk deer, pudu, brocket, huemul, and water deer, as well as half a dozen small antelope, might prove to have considerable potential.

    26 Mouse Deer

  • - The Peruvian huemul, or taruca (H. antisepsis), occurs in parts of the Andes of southern Peru and Bolivia as well as of northern Chile and Argentina.

    26 Mouse Deer

  • They are very shy, and even though the Chilean national seal bears the depiction of a huemul, almost no Chilean (or anyone else, for that matter) has ever seen a live one.

    26 Mouse Deer


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