from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A loose brocaded blouse worn by Maya women in Mexico and Central America.

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  • adj. A traditional blouse worn by the women of various indigenous peoples of Central America including the Maya and Zapotec, or the textile from which such a garment is made


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

American Spanish, from Nahuatl huipilli.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Spanish huipil, from Classical Nahuatl huīpīlli ("woman's blouse").


  • Putting on a huipil was a whole initiation; in doing so one repeated daily the voyage from the interior to the exterior.


  • The huipil was the one that she chose to wear in the longed—for ceremony of baptism.


  • Pac-Chen is where I met Maria Muyil, a 30-something wearing a huipil, which is a woven white dress trimmed with intricate and colorful embroidery.

    Bliss, paradise and no tipping

  • She's very tiny so the huipil is a bit large for her.

    art for housewives

  • Oh, and the dress type you're referring to is most likely the huipil, the long, flowery dresses from southern Mexico.

    Gustavo Arellano: ¡ASK A MEXICAN!: Special Mujer Edition

  • "Is that what you call it?" jibed a fat fellow in a large huipil with blue jeans to finish the look.

    Where Toucan Fly - A Short Story

  • "Guanengo" is a derivation of the huipil (straight, loose sack-dress) dating from the pre-Hispanic times seen in some indigenous regions of Mexico.

    The artesanias of Michoacan - an introduction

  • Turok will discuss several subjects, including a case study of Mixtec textiles from Oaxaca, the symbolic analysis of the ceremonial huipil from Magdalenas, Chiapas, and the changing face of Mexican folk art over the past three decades.

    Chapala's Feria Maestros del Arte: guardians of the folk art tradition

  • Mamá taught her everything she needed to know to become a good wife and mother: how to properly sweep a dirt floor, kill a chicken, mend a sleeve, embroider a huipil.

    The Lady Matador’s Hotel

  • His mistress puts on a handwoven skirt, typical of her village, and a huipil she embroidered herself with double-headed birds.

    The Lady Matador’s Hotel


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