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  • n. Plural form of humanoid.


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  • If the average generation span of humanoids is rounded down, conservatively, to about ten years, then a generous estimate is that perhaps a trillion creatures have preceded us in the past ten million years.

    Behe Responds

  • Which, if George Anderson-Brummel had been confronted by the kind of humanoids someone like this Cleator Mockerkin could put on long-term lease, was probably a most sensible thing to do.

    The Mocking Program

  • Music continues to be a predominant factor in his life, as does interest in old cinema and the production of 'humanoids'.

    The Watcher: The New Zealand Voice of the Left Hand Path #5

  • Those "humanoids" that killed all their management and marketing team, closed themselves in a dungeon, and spent the rest of their life on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc. laughing at every person asking:

    Planet KDE

  • 'humanoids' who take over their brains and bodies and have neighborhood barbecues where shy, smart boys, like our hero, Lem (voiced by Justin Long) are admired from afar by pretty, popular girls, like Neera (voiced by Jessica Biel).

    Home Theater Forum

  • Yes, I did in fact watch Pocahontas and decide, this would be the best movie ever … if only I had ten foot tall blue humanoids on another planet.

    James Cameron’s Avatar = Disney’s Pocahontas » Scene-Stealers

  • The syllables vol, o, and czin are just the only ones that humanoids tend to be able to hear or pronounce.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • Suddenly the truth dawned upon me, this was my world, and these were my fellow humanoids.

    Read the winner of the 247 tale competition

  • Nevertheless, there they were on Saturday night, staking out sidewalks in Rosslyn: humanoids (or so it seemed) wearing red T-shirts distinctly marked "Klingon Security."

    Theater Review: Washington Shakespeare Company's evening of the Bard in Klingon

  • The Ventura diverts to a human colony that has been out of touch with Earth for over a century and the away team is confused by tricorder readings that show all the trees in the colony are really carrots and there are no other humanoids than the away team.

    19 « May « 2009 « Axiom's Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy


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