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  • n. A measurement used by Canadian meteorologists to reflect the combined effect of heat and humidity, as the apparent temperature felt by a person.


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Blend of humidity and index


  • On 680 News you'll hear the heat index referred to as the "humidex" reading.

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  • I don't like straightening my hair only to find out that the humidex has other ideas.


  • I had to come and tell you .. today we're to hit 36c, with a heat index or humidex (whatever) of 45!

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  • Supposed to be 43 C this weekend with the humidex (109 F).

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  • On the weekend, the temperate was in the low 30s but with the humidex, it hit 41 downtown.

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  • I find that for every 5 degrees before humidex above 25C you should generally reduce the food by 1/5, and double the amount of available cool water.

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  • There was a day last week when the humidex (sort of the heat version of wind chill) was at 42C.

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  • Dallas marked its 34th straight day of temperatures over 38C, while on Wednesday, Fort Smith, Ark., saw the temperature reach 46C without the humidex, breaking a record of 42C set back in 1896. - Home Page

  • The National Weather Service issued yet more excessive heat warnings Thursday for most of the southern plains, where the temperature in parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas reached as high as 43C, without the humidex. - Home Page

  • The regions saw temperatures in the low to mid-30s, with humidex values in the 40s.

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