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  • adj. Alternative spelling of humoristic.


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  • Lepori is now involved in a humouristic comic called Fisietto, like I mentioned in this post:

    How to purchase fumetti

  • We miss the odeur du sang which taints the parfums du harem; also the humouristic tale and the Rabelaisian outbreak which relieve and throw out into strong relief the splendour of Empire and the havoc of Time.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • His endeavour to ape a deliberate gravity while he told the tale, roused Agostino's humouristic ire.

    Vittoria — Volume 2

  • The sense of the Comic is much blunted by habits of punning and of using humouristic phrase: the trick of employing Johnsonian polysyllables to treat of the infinitely little.

    Complete Short Works of George Meredith

  • Her talents are not showy, but, take them altogether, they form a pleasant whole: she has good sense enough in the practical affairs of life, and enough of that ineffable womanly gift called tact to counteract the effects of whimsical natures like mine, and yet enough sense of the humouristic views of life not to take too literally all that a whimsical man like myself may say.

    Kenelm Chillingly — Volume 04

  • People take him in a humouristic way, but it is not a laughing matter, it is serious.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Despite the grim overtones, he claimed some of these paintings were misunderstood, as they were rather optimistic, or even humouristic. - Articles related to Gates: Progress in Afghan War Must Come This Year

  • Religious, historical, political, scientific, humouristic, psychological etc. When someone write egypt or maya i go "wow its old cultures with mysterious messages."

    Universe Today

  • I cannot but be reluctant to set the verdict of my own judgment against that of Victor Hugo's; I need none to remind me what and who he is whose judgment I for once oppose, and what and who am I that I should oppose it; that he is he, and I am but myself; yet against his classification of Falstaff, against his definition of Shakespeare's unapproached and unapproachable masterpiece in the school of comic art and humouristic nature, I must and do with all my soul and strength protest.

    A Study of Shakespeare

  • The reader must not therefore be surprised, nor, I trust, deem it inconsistent with the more serious attributes of Graham's character, if the Englishman felt the sort of joyful excitement I describe, as, in his way to the cafe Jean Jacques, he meditated the role he had undertaken; and the joyousness was heightened beyond the mere holiday sense of humouristic pleasantry by the sanguine hope that much to effect his lasting happiness might result from the success of the object for which his disguise was assumed.

    The Parisians — Complete


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