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  • v. Present participle of hurtle.


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  • I'm still not clear as to how losing one's footing on an escalator that wasn't moving could result in hurtling over the side, especially since the man reportedly had not been drinking and was not horsing around when the accident occurred.

    Ripped From the New Yorker - Real Clear Politics –

  • I was on a train hurtling along at forty miles an hour towards the east; there was one coming down the track the other way, from the east towards the west.

    Education and Wealth

  • Happily the last of the effendis had just arrived, and there was nobody else to announce; for it was in vain that I sought to shake off the impression, every time I advanced between the curtains to send a name hurtling through the air at random, I saw the chandeliers of the drawing-rooms revolving with hundreds of dazzling lights, and the floors slipping away with sharp and perpendicular slopes like Russian mountains.

    The Nabob

  • Finally, with a single flashing stroke, Kyle's golden blade sent Cotin's sword hurtling in a twinkling arc out over the coutyard.

    Juvenalia II: Action!

  • The onomatopoetic 'hurtling' is used in _As You Like It_, IV, iii, 132, to describe the clashing encounter between Orlando and the lioness.

    The New Hudson Shakespeare: Julius Cæsar

  • When Audiosurf-creator Dylan Fitterer climbed up on stage to receive his award, he was already hurtling towards riches.

    Three Month Giant Gonzo S/Mashup

  • Now I can't listen to Autechre's album without conjuring up mental images of the desolate underground labyrinths, deadly robotic machinery and hurtling through corridors and mine shafts at breakneck speeds.

    Gaming Soundtracks (and not the kind you’re thinking!)

  • Not at thirty thousand feet, hurtling toward Dallas with no high-tech medical equipment in sight.

    Times Two

  • By hurtling headlong into dementia, Lenny forces his children to take stock of their lives.

    'Moneyball': Stars, Stats and Perfect Pitch

  • What is it that Mr. Obama doesn't like about the United States—a country that sent him hurtling like an American Idol contestant from the obscurity of an Illinois Senate seat to the presidency in a mere four years?

    The President of Contempt


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