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  • adj. That hurts

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In heraldry, strewed with hurts, without regard to number; semé of hurts. Also hurted.


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  • Just know that it was difficult and kind of hurty, and involved a lot of rolling and unrolling of the control top waistband.

    She Just Walks Around With It

  • Nowadays young people, as the BBC used to call them, want their books to have vampires and proto-sex, or Justin Bieber's haircuts, or rainbow kitten fairies with hurty paws.

    Enid Blyton's child transporters | Louisa Young

  • Almost finished hurty laser treatment, moving slowly through the NHS system and feeling a lot more happy with how I look are another few things that have been really good lately.

    Life « I'm Not Broken

  • Instead, we should all know about the hard pointy places on our own bodies which can be used with force against potential assailants 'soft, hurty places -- like eyes, throat, temples and yes ... gonads.

    Ellen Snortland: Vaccine For Violence

  • It was however quite hurty to get done on my scrawny skin'n'bone physique.

    Email Sorted

  • Especially ones that you can point at and say, "and I got this one when my tummy-wummy got all hurty-wurty and I cried."

    SLACKERJACK – Cute Knight

  • The day before Christmas I decided to tape again only to be rewarded with hurty, unhappy ears that started bleeding for the first time since I started the process.

    2008 December « paper fruit

  • I has hurty tooth much time noaw and I cannutt take strong medicine.

    OMG! We find tomb - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • His writing is actively brain-hurty, the way sensible observations and total WTF run together in gleeful abandon.

    I blame Sartorias

  • I love your work, Mr. Kripke, but if you have such a problem with your fans, here's an idea: stop reading what they have to say, have someone do it for you and leave out the potentionally soul-hurty parts in their reports. Interviews Eric Kripke | the TV addict


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