from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. kept secret; -- used of reports.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. (used of information or news) kept secret by using influence


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  • Three separate terrorist bomb attacks in the Black Sea republic of Dagestan killed four and wounded 44 policemen -- something that would have been hushed-up in the past.

    Peter Worthington: Russia: Where Bigger Is Still Better

  • Anthrax vaccine; and I learned of several hushed-up hospital deaths due to the 2001

    Sheila Weller: Time To Have a Little Talk About Those "Women's Magazines?"

  • Concentration camp brothels remain a hushed-up chapter of the Nazi-era horrors.

    The Dark Secret Of Concentration Camp Bordellos: ‘The Main Thing Was to Survive at All’ « Sigmund, Carl and Alfred

  • Kurt Gödel's Unsung Discovery© hushed-up by his friend Einstein, if made public and acted upon with inherent Constitutional and Bill of Rights protective measures, would have sentenced the Bushites to the scrap-heap of non-history.

    G�del's Unsung Discovery�

  • When psychic investigator Eden realizes that the zombie army is converging on historic Read House, she draws a connection to the ghost of Caroline Read, who haunts the building trying to resolve a hushed-up 19th-century atrocity.

    busy busy busy

  • This is why the matter has been hushed-up, and a UKIP-resolution to have it debated at Strasburg has been resolutely kept off the assembly's agenda for the last three months.

    Archive 2006-01-01

  • As Ariah's children learn that their past is enmeshed with a hushed-up scandal involving radioactive waste, they must confront not only their personal history but America's murky past: the despoiling of the landscape, and the corruption and greed of the massive industrial expansion of the 1950s and 1960s.

    The Falls: Summary and book reviews of The Falls by Joyce Carol Oates.

  • Everyone had heard about the hushed-up disaster at Yosemite: refugees so hungry they were eating eetees, who'd used some never-specified but terrifying eetee gewgaws to slaughter soldiers and loot their supplies.

    Asimov's Science Fiction

  • And in between his newly found political interests he had time for ventures in the best journalistic tradition: when the ship Sunrise came to town with a hushed-up story about a captain and mate who had hounded their crew until two men had leaped overboard to their death, George and the Post ferreted out the story and brought the officers to justice.

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • Laurent saw the hushed-up Paris slaughter -- gendarmes beat two hundred Algerians to death and dumped them in the Seine last October.

    American Tabloid


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