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  • n. Variant of chutzpah.


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  • And while hutzpa might be a Yiddish word, Jews certainly don't hold the monopoly on it.


  • Oh, the sweet bitter irony - otherwise known in the language of the Prophets as vacuous, stunning "hutzpa" - of it all ...

    Israel At Level Ground

  • Its not just vision that drives the world's self-made billionaires togo beyondthe $100 million mark, but the gung-ho to stick to their vision and the 'hutzpa' to pull it off.

    Are You A Biollionaire In The Making?

  • Thanks are largely due to Zelda Fichandler: a woman with a dream — and the hutzpa — to make it come true.

    Theater in the United States.

  • Full of passionate daring and personal hutzpa, only a poet could have written The Nakedness of the Fathers.

    Alicia Suskin Ostriker.

  • Synonyms: audaciousness (n), audacity (n), hutzpa (n).

    "Our Last, Best Hope"

  • Today it has taken the form of what can be called the height of hutzpa - a simple, shameless refusal to grant a get. - Front Page

  • Well there went my brief admiration for the man …. .thought he had enough honour and hutzpa to stand up to the far right in his party but NO!!!

    CNN Political Ticker

  • Fortunately, she had picked up a certain amount of Israeli hutzpa over the years, enough to get her film funded and shot.

    JPost Headlines

  • Especially in Israel, it takes a lot of hutzpa to get up in front of an audience and chant, News


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