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  • March 27th, 2005 at 2:09 pm ayupppppppp ppl hwz u? im sooooooo bored n horny ne1 wna tlk?

    MSN Web Messenger!

  • [GPGT] The Dear Leader Demands Your Attention saw it a few days ago on the big picture wah hwz really jia lat sia ... i post so long till now i keep getting the server busy msg You may not post new threads

  • Actually when I first browse hwz with my iphone, it's was on mobile version.

  • Use armortec 900p will let u play like Lee Chong Wei ya la see at TS use a simple compewter can bling down hwz riaos gib moi supercomputer i also duno how You may not post new threads

  • Those air resistance thing are more for professionals alot of these technology is non-applicable for casual play lah. but it makes a world of a difference amongst the pros. they need every advantage they can get from equipment. ya la see at TS use a simple compewter can bling down hwz riaos

  • Supremacy Member chiu think hwz will wanna chase away its traffic without thinking of the consequence of decrease in income from advertisements?

  • But of cuz, in real life, I only get to max up to 150mb with my msn on, gtalk on 24/7, surfing the net and hwz-ing like now, uploading an avg of 5picts/day to fb .. 1gb is really more than enuf.

  • I bought mine from hwz marketplace .. haha you can try ur luck there.

  • Bloody, who still impersonate me just ignore. i had enough of those spam at blog ytds. but den again their reason stated there for the ban doesn't seems justify~ er banned account cant change password. my password are associated with my email, fb and whatever. dangerous lei huai everyday post 200+ post in hwz will trigger a ban~?

  • Every bro & sis over here will beg to differ unless you can prove otherwise that for this time round there will be no lagginess in hwz forums during itshow!


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