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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of hybridise.


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  • It goes something along the lines of Bettie Page in an Eighties power suit, teamed with Wonder Woman boots and wielding a bazooka - that is to say, a hybridised version of any given cliché of female independence.

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  • Rubedo send out a provocative declaration concerning the omnipresence of technological systems and the necessity of developing transdisciplinary tactics to negotiate the immersive hybridised spaces of late capitalism.

    Ballardian » A Near Future: Nic Clear’s Tribute to JG Ballard

  • With its demented mash-up style, Transformers 3 is the strangest, most atomised and hybridised mainstream American movie since Richard Kelly's nutty Southland Tales, which it rivals in its blissful incoherence and in its insane, unselfconscious and probably unachievable pop-culty ambitions.

    Michael Bay, movie-making maverick?

  • It's evidently this meeting of subject and form that's led Texan musician Annie Clark to the strange, hybridised style that she practises when performing as St Vincent: the prog torch song.

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  • Adolescence is another country, it says, and seen through this lens of hybridised culture, that characteristically American high school society of cliques and coteries seems every bit as role-played as the pirate eye patch Chance wears on his second day of school.

    The Curiosity of Chance

  • Bringing together hack and slash, in which your champion stamps around dicing opponents, and tower defence, where pre-built structures ward off enemies on your behalf, Dungeon Defenders: First Wave provides freshly hybridised action in increasingly broad 3D arenas.

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  • The new animals will just get killed like their predecessors or hybridised with domestic cats.

    Endangered: are Scotland's wildcats running out of lives?

  • Slowly, the species loses its unique status and vigour and animals become hybridised.

    Endangered: are Scotland's wildcats running out of lives?

  • Their new, advanced mechanical/chemical farming methods -- vast areas of monocrop, heavy tractors, giant combines, tonnes of artificial pesticides and fertilisers -- and their new, improved, superior hybridised crops increased yields tenfold and more.

    Stan Goff: It's Not Rocket Science: Land Productivity, Food Rights

  • Despite the ancient divergence of babyrousines from other suids, a male babirusa recently hybridised with a female domestic pig at Copenhagen Zoo (this was announced in the news last week).

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