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  • n. Plural form of hydra.


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  • Krazee Shellee Bachmann and $arah “Half-Term Quitter” Palin are the hydras, er, faces of Christian Fascism.

    Think Progress » American Family Association: Government is more dangerous than al Qaeda, Tim McVeigh’s terrorism.

  • By and large, fanfic authors aren't immoral, uncreative, screeching hydras that attempt to line their pockets with authors 'hard-earned money.

    Someone Is Angry On the Internet

  • Aging is not a biological constant: Some organisms (hydras and sponges, for example) seem to be virtually immortal, while some closely related groups of animals (such as bats and mice) have dramatically different lifespans.

    The scientific quest to combat aging -- two books take sides

  • So after Celebras gave us the magic schtick, we washed ourselves in the waterfall and fought our way through some hydras, dinosaurs and giants to where Landslide resides.

    Chaotic Crossfire

  • Multiple mariner transposons in flatworms and hydras are related to those of insects.

    Parasite Rex

  • Speaking as a biologist, the last one looks like little hydras.

    Rockin' Shams

  • Okay - those bottom things are either chollas or hydras, not shamrocks!

    Rockin' Shams

  • During this period, Voltaire also adopted what would become his most famous and influential intellectual stance, announcing himself as a member of the “party of humanity” and devoting himself toward waging war against the twin hydras of fanaticism and superstition.


  • Thou that didst make him go down alive even to Hades, and wouldst send him with an order to slay hydras and lions?

    The Heracleidae

  • Homer, are in progress; skirmishes of dragons and hydras and swarms of phantoms, as in Milton; visionary circles, as in Dante.

    Les Miserables


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